About Us

About Us

The Long Story

Long John's Fish and Chips

The Long family have been serving fish and chips in Dorset since 1948. It has been in their family for four generations and they have the same if not more spirit and excitement to produce the highest quality fish and chips.

Fish and chips is the marriage of fish from the sea and potatoes from the land, simply fried in a crispy batter. We can’t think of anything more delicious than lovingly and freshly prepared Traditional Fish & Chips… which is why we run four Fish & Chip shops across Dorset.

Our Food

  • The Fish

    Our wild, caught-at-sea fish are frozen within four hours of being caught to retain full flavoured freshness and texture. They are sustainably sourced from well managed stocks in Norway, Russia and Iceland.

  • Potatoes

    The Potatoes

    Season by season we source different types of potatoes from different regions in order to find the perfect spud for chipping. These potatoes are peeled and chipped everyday and twice fried to create the golden and crispy, proper chip shop chip.

  • The Batter

    We hand beat our batter in small batches to ensure a fresh, light, crumbly batter. Our fryers seal the batter at a high temperature (180°C) to ensure a crisp finish and lower fat absorption.

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