Our Produce


  • All our fish is sustainably and ethically sourced from MSC certified fisheries
  • All of our fish comes from the North Atlantic waters
  • It is all frozen at sea within 4 hours of being caught, this helps to retain flavour and quality
  • All hand prepared on site by staff



  • Our potatoes are peeled and chipped everyday for a fresh chip
  • Season by season we source different types of potatoes from different regions in order to create the perfect chip
  • We tend to use maris piper potatoes which are grown in Lincolnshire (do you consider them to be local if they are from Lincolnshire?)
  • Twice fried for the tastiest chip, golden and crispy, proper chip shop chip
  • We also cut a thicker chip to reduce the amount of fat absorbed.


  • We hand beat our batter in order to create a light and crispy coating